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  1. Having graduated from a school or college of Naturopathy that is licensed by its respective state or regionally accredited by a branch of the Department of Education (DOE) to grant the title of Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) at the time of graduation. 

   2. The school or college must give a didactic curriculum of 4100 hours in               Naturopathic education or as deemed equivalent by the board. 

       Naturopathic education hours in didactic or online education must total no         less than 4100 hours of naturopathic education.

3. Having an internship in an approved naturopathic residency        program or clinic approved by the board with no less than          1500 hours of clinical contact.

Taking Notes


(Naturopathic Doctors Licensing Examination)

Science Lab Student

     The Naturopathic Doctors Licensing Examination was developed taking in consideration the original tenets of naturopathy as well as modern day or era appropriate education, such as basic sciences, diagnostics, pathology and epidemiology.


    The goal of this examination is to ensure that the candidate is well trained and licensable through proficiency testing on all possible occurrences that the Naturopathic Doctor may come into contact with. The exam is held 3 times a year. West coast and east coast exams are available at this time. Please see our calendar below for announcements on dates and times. 



Doctor Checking a Form
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